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The feedback is brilliant! Everyone adored her [the therapist] and thought she was excellent! It looks like we have a winner – thank you”

- Linkbrokers Asset Management

Office massage

Wake up to a new way of working with OM Office Massage...

✔ increase productivity
✔ cut costs
✔ improve wellbeing
Office massage London

Massage is a highly effective tool

✔ Massage is a highly effective tool used to combat stress, increase productivity and creativity.
✔ Massage recharges, refreshes and relaxes - increasing employee wellbeing, happiness and loyalty.
✔ Massage reduces repetitive strain injury, stress and absenteeism.
✔ Don’t just take our word for it! Check out the support data or speak to someone who already enjoys regular office massage.

Office massage

Prevention is better than a cure. Office Massage:

✔ Complements other healthcare policies
✔ Reduces more drastic healthcare intervention

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Many companies have already discovered the effectiveness and convenience of introducing therapies in the work-place.

Office Massage offers:
✔ A popular employee benefit
✔ Positive and visible healthcare
✔ Measurable results

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