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Your Benefits

It is easy to get stressed and out of balance. Regular massage provides an easy way of looking after yourself by dissolving stress build-up and the problems that come with it. This small amount of time dedicated to caring for yourself can have a hugely positive effect on your health, quality of life and wellbeing.

✔ Flexibility - warms and stretches muscles, improves range of movement and joint mobility
✔ Immunity - by stimulating circulation and lymph flow it aids the body’s natural defence system.
✔ Relaxation - softens tight muscles and relaxes the mind
✔ Healing – stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms
✔ Tissue oxygenation and regeneration

✔ Reduces pain - including muscle spasm headaches and migraines
✔ Lessens depression
✔ Eases anxiety
✔ Prevents and reduces repetitive strain injuries
✔ Lowers blood pressure